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Find out how to make your WAX experience seamless and rewarding.


To fully enjoy the whole WAX experience, it is important for us that you be able to freely navigate our magazine and easily access any article, post, category or edition.  With this in mind, there are two ways to get to any article ever published here.



WAX features a simple menu system (on the left of the screen on desktop computers or at the top of the page on mobile devices) with 6 icons:

Go to the Home page
The Home page showcases the current edition (most recently published) consisting of a collection of articles, videos and FREE downloads from our Media Library.

Articles Archive
The Archive lists all articles – grouped by editions – published since the launch of our magazine, in reverse chronological order (newest first). Simply scroll down until you reach the first edition in a particular volume.
Older volumes are easily accessible by clicking on the desired volume number at the top of the listing or expanding a collapsed volume number header.

Published Editions
Another way to navigate our articles is through the Published Editions page where you can view each virtual edition of our magazine aligned on a virtual bookshelf.  The cover of each edition features clickable links to all the articles within.  This is just another way for us to present our articles archive in a manner that registers with our left-brain visitors.

Digital Download Library
One of the interesting features of WAX is our digital download library where we offer FREE digital copies of things we find interesting and wanna share with you.  We believe that sharing is the best way to spread the knowledge and the goodies.  Every published edition of our magazine features at least ONE FREE digital download and the library is where you can browse all the digital stuff that we’ve published so far.

Categories Filters
Our filters provide a simple way to see all our published articles neatly grouped by various and diverse criteria such as: chronology (publication date), collection (volumes, editions, authors), category (articles, downloads), topic (culture, society, Harlem, lifestyle, tech & business) and more.

About Us
Find out additional information about our company, our team and some innovative programs that we are running through our magazine.

Help & Support
The page you are currently reading. In addition we list our editorial and staff teams, contact emails, submissions guidelines.
Finally, we want to bring attention to our Social Mission Partnerships – a main directive that guides our methods,
our programs and our goals. Organizations and businesses are encouraged to share their social mission in the form of sponsorship underwriting for various sections, themes, programs, and topics.


While you are navigating any page inside WAX, we surface additional or relevant articles that may interest you or other related content for further reading. These recommendations appear in the following places:

Home Page: at the bottom of the page, we feature a selection of popular articles and a list of free downloads from previous editions.

Articles Page: at the bottom of every article, we always point you to the next or previous article according to publication date or edition number. These are indicated by arrows (pointing left for previous; pointing right for next).

Archives Page: at the top of our Archive page, the very first edition listed is the next edition coming up for publication. The articles in the upcoming edition are not accessible until date of publication but they give you an idea on the topics that we are working on. If you come often to the Archives page, you can watch as we put the upcoming edition together (number of articles, content placement and/or shifting, etc). This is our quick and dirty way to give you a sneak peek into what you will be reading next in the magazine.

Editions Archive: A list of all our published editions in easy to browse digital stand layout just like your corner news stand.  Each edition is represented as a virtual magazine with all the articles listed on the cover for easy perusal.


Mailing Address:
The Harlem Bee
55 W 116th Street, Harlem, NY 10026  USA
(347) 989-2899
www.harlembee.com  | https://wax.harlembee.com


We accept submissions on any subjects or topics from around the United States, Canada, and the world: send your article or multimedia work to smallplanet@harlembee.com

Magazine Categories: HarlemCultureTech & BusinessSocietyLifestyle


No registration or membership is required to access this platform and its contents. We pledge to always provide FREE and unresrtricted access to our contents. A valid email address is necessary to subscribe to our email newsletter.


All users of WAX may post comments wherever permitted on the platform. We do not condone defamatory or derogatory language directed at any individual, groups or communities. We promptly and irretrievably remove such comments from our platform.


You can visit all sections or web pages anonymously, without providing any personal information. But we collect and log certain non-personal electronic data, such as your IP address and pageviews. We also use cookies, clear gifs and log files to record usage patterns anonymously. This helps us improve our service, quality and performance.  


This platform is compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the European Union Cookie Law. We actively promote Net Neutrality and are a proud member of the Internet Defense League.

Our syndication feed is available upon request by nonprofit online publishers and like-minded content creators and distributors. We reserve the right to suspend or deny syndication privileges to any persons or entities found in violation of our Terms of Use, or for any reason or no reasons, without any liability of any kind to any parties. We may revise our policies occasionally and post the revised text on this website.

(Last updated September 2017)


Copyright © 2017 – The Harlem Bee Media Group.  All rights reserved.

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