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A Data, Data World: The Machine Learning Imperative

Giant corporations are greasing the wheels of an accelerating tech race, not just in Silicon Valley, but all around the world. There is sure to be much to fret about, for in a very near future Big Data will have morphed into Big Brother…

Shades of Faith: Seriously Mom, What’s a Black Jew?

Jews have always come in many shades, and Tova Ztaoui is a case in point. Tova’s parents were an interracial couple: her mother was from Cuba and her father from Morocco. “My father was very dark, like chocolatey, and my mom was paler than even the most olive-skinned person…”

Deal Or No Deal: Donald Trump’s Failing Iran Strategy

Two years ago, the United States and European powers reached a landmark agreement with Iran to freeze its nuclear program, refrain from producing nuclear weapons and allow international inspections to ensure compliance. The deal worked. Now Trump is on course to sabotage it.

Winter ’18 – Mindless QB

For those moments in your night/day when things are just too much, heavy, complicated, stressed, somber, tired, stuck, bricked or any other momentary feeling where you need to take a step back, or force a buddy to chillax & chill!

10 Best Films Noir Set in Harlem

Before Sidney Poitier’s breakthrough performance in No Way Out (1950), African American actors in film noir — originally a toned-down black-and-white visual style that emerged in Hollywood in the late 1930s, were cast only in marginal parts.