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Spain Falls Apart: Who Are The Catalans?

Two rival governments in Spain are engaged in an extended internecine conflict. After weeks of violence came to a brief standstill, by a vote of 70 out of 135, the Catalan Parliament in Barcelona voted October 27th for independence from Spain. At that time, in Madrid, the Spanish Senate immediately asserted constitutional authority over Catalonia, […]

Lego Wars: The Battle For Goshen, New York

From Batman to Pirates of the Caribbean to Harry Potter and more recently Star Wars, Lego has been spreading its toy-filled wonder and humor for many a year in television, movies, and video games. The franchise became so popular that it opened two separate theme parks in California and Florida. Now it’s set its sights […]

BREAKIN’ Convention Pays Homage To Legends In Third Annual Show

The Breakin’ Convention, now in its third outing, prides itself on paying “homage to the past, present and future expressions of Hip-Hop dance.” While the sound of Hip-Hop has evolved drastically since its birth in the Bronx in the 1970’s, the bond its sound created was seen in full bloom at The Apollo this past […]