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EDITION 10 : 1   SNEAK PEEK available: Dec 1st

The DD Edition... DD = Double D = Digital Downloads... or Edition X (iPhone X it is not)

Table of Content

- Did You Know It Was Him?

Did You Know It Was Him?

Did You Know It Was Him?

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EDITION 9 : 1   Nov 15th 2017

"When you're following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first." ― Not in a million years (well, actually 6 months) did we ever think we would be quoting Kelly Cutrone!  Google her to learn more while we internalize this statement...

Table of Content

- A Data, Data World: The Machine Learning Imperative
- Shades of Faith: Seriously Mom, What’s a Black Jew?
- Deal Or No Deal: Donald Trump’s Failing Iran Strategy
- My Baby’s Mother’s Boyfriend’s Mother: The Movement Turns 18
- Winter ’18 – Mindless QB
- Paul Robeson, Negro

EDITION 8 : 1   Nov 1st 2017

Sweetly Pathetic. The equation being challenged suffers from gross injustice: 60,000 applicants elbowing the local indigenous population to buy their way into 110 recently rezoned luxury bungalows. Even Amazon wouldn't do that.

Table of Content

- Consider Hideki Irabu: Death of a Baseball Phenom (2/2)
- Jessica Green, Director of Harlem’s Maysles Cinema, on Film, Hip Hop, and Authenticity
- 10 Best Films Noir Set in Harlem
- Taylor Swift, Miguel, The Killers: Best New Fall Music ’17
- Daybreak in Crown Heights: J’Ouvert Under Tight Security
- Sound City: Emerging New York Artists To Root For
- Off the Grid, South Dakota: Inside Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
- The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
- The Pine Ridge Reservation: A Pictorial Description

EDITION 7 : 1   Oct 15th 2017

Hello, Google: Do U do Harlem? Gentrification has updated itself since StreetView last rode on 125th Street. An open pit in October 2016, now houses Burlington's, Olive Garden, TD Bank. Wingstop plopped across the street, up 2 no good. Worse: Amazonian Whole Foods has moved just around the corner. Update yourself.

Table of Content

- Mark Thomas Gibson’s Early Retirement
- Out To Lunch In Harlem With MARK THOMAS GIBSON
- Helpless On the Homeless: Bill de Blasio’s Dilemma
- No Retweet: Donald Trump’s Anti-Internet Agenda
- Consider Hideki Irabu: Death of a Baseball Phenom (1/2)
- So Long, Christopher Columbus. And Welcome, The Cruel Optimism of Academia
- Woman To Women: The Sisterhood of Kesha
- We Shall Not Be Moved, A Contemporary Opera, Stands Tall at the Apollo
- Guided Steps: A Ballet & Modern Dance Tour of Harlem
- Black Dance from 1619 to Today
- Kesha – Rainbow
- Ocean Morisset – Dad Duty

EDITION 6 : 1   Oct 1st 2017

In Kenya, the “national cohesion and integration” laws empower the police to arrest WhatsApp group administrators and others who spread ethnic hatred, unsavory political SMS, and certain social media content through private messages. So it goes.

Table of Content

- Quick Takes: Dave Chappelle Does Radio City
- Grandmother’s House: The Vanishing Harlem Family Brownstone
- Nelson Mandela Must Die: The Last Days of Harlem’s Wildflower Haven
- Withdrawal Attack: Trump Against the World on Climate Change
- Welcome to Paradise. Please Don’t Step on the Cat
- Aged 44, Hip Hop Still Struggling To Grow Up
- Genesis: Ideas of Origin in African Sculpture
- Miracle On 33rd Street
- Giants of Edgecombe Ave

EDITION 5 : 1   Sep 15th 2017

409 and 555 Edgecombe Avenue: With a profile on Stephanie St. Clair in this edition, we're starting a series on great Harlemites who lived at these two landmark addresses, including Joe Louis, Paul Robeson, Eunice Carter, Aaron Douglas...

Table of Content

- Madame Stephanie St. Clair: When Queenie Ruled Harlem
- Punk Rocker’s Guide to Summer Music ’17
- Rise of Afro Punk: Bad Brains Turn 40
- 10 Best Fantasy And Sci-Fi Books About People of Color
- To Millennials, Harlem Is No Land of A Thousand Churches
- Jesmyn Ward, National Book Award Winning Author, at the Schomburg Center
- Reine de Harlem

EDITION 4 : 1   Sep 1st 2017

1896: Henry Ossawa Tanner became the first internationally acclaimed black painter. 2017: a painting by Haitian-American virtuoso Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 - August 12, 1988) sold for over $110 million - the most expensive work of art in US history...

Table of Content

- Harlem on the Rocks: JonOne’s Take on the Hennessy Bottle Label
- Kerry James Marshall: Between Art and Rebellion
- 10 Asian-Americans Killing It In Film and Music
- Roc Nation’s First: Jay Park
- Too Much Headache: Harlem’s Corner Stores at a Crossroads
- Say What BFF? Jay-Z and Coldplay’s Chris Martin Tin Bromance
- The Assassination of Amadou Diallo
- Stencil Graffiti by Tristan Manco
- Amadou

EDITION 3 : 1   Aug 15th 2017

Signs of the times? Harlem Public Radio has gone off the air. The verdict is in: Ivanka Trump is an empty vessel. And as usual, rumors of war out of North Korea.

Table of Content

- 70 Years Ago, James Baldwin’s Voice Rose From The Streets of Harlem
- Harlem Millennials: A Female Portrait
- Harlem Millennials: A Male Portrait
- Turntables: They Too Spin Wax
- Collapse of a Community: The Migration of Harlem’s Black Jews
- Nuthin’ But a G Thang: The Rise and Lasting Influence of G-Funk
- 7 Beauty Influencers of Color
- The Jews of Harlem: The Rise, Decline, and Revival of a Jewish Community

EDITION 2 : 1   Aug 1st 2017

Fifty years ago this month, in August 1967, the federal government began a vast covert operation to neutralize "black nationalist hate groups" and other dissidents. By 1969, the Black Panther Party had been singled out in 233 of the 295 authorized actions...

Table of Content

- 15 Young Writers You Should Be Reading
- Redefining Black Cinema: The Films of Ryan Coogler
- Finding the Harlem African Burial Ground
- Top 10 Dates in Harlem History
- Black Sci-Fi Discussed By Five Fans
- Where’s the Receipt? That So Shady $24 Manhattan Sale
- The Grozny Tourist Bureau

EDITION 1 : 1   Jul 15th 2017

What does Harlem mean to us? That’s what we’re here to hash out. It’s a neighborhood with a deep history going through the most radical changes in any of our lifetimes. It’s a vibrant symbol of both the glories and trials of 20th-century African American culture and now of a millennial vision of diversity still far from taking final shape. The future of Harlem and all it represents seems both brighter than ever and incredibly uncertain. We’re here to figure it out and hopefully shine a light where it’s best deserved. Tell us what you think on social media: your interests and input are crucial as we give shape and style to Wax. Let’s get high on the mud together.

Table of Content

- Silicon Harlem and the Vision of Clayton Banks
- These 5 Models Are Changing The Face Of Fashion
- 60 Mystery Books by Black Female Writers
- From Z to Here: The Power of Ctrl
- In Ethiopia, Internet Freedom Comes With A Chilling Message
- In the Footsteps of the Black Jews of Harlem