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Quick Takes: Dave Chappelle Does Radio City

It’s hard to believe that Dave Chappelle has been in the comedy business for 30 years. Now in his mid-forties, Chappelle just threw himself a month-long, star-studded party at Radio City Hall to mark his three decades on stage.

Aged 44, Hip Hop Still Struggling To Grow Up

In case you weren’t paying attention, hip hop turned 44 this past August, a momentous milestone from the subculture and art movement’s humble beginnings in the late 1970s New York City. Everybody paid their respect.

Miracle On 33rd Street

The late Christopher Hitchens once argued that funny women do exist but they must be “hefty or dykey or Jewish, or some combo of the three.” Writer and veteran editor Irene Schneider is neither dykey nor Jewish, and definitely not hefty.

Giants of Edgecombe Ave

Wax is proud to announce the launch of a new video series – DO U DO HARLEM – which delves into the mystery, history and ancestry of key locations in and around Harlem. Join us as we unearth the secrets behind the Giants of Harlem.