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Kerry James Marshall: Between Art and Rebellion

Almost 80 years years after Jacob Lawrence’s 60-panel Great Migration series and 6 months since Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled/Skull Heads of 1983 became the most expensive American painting ever sold, American art institutions remain largely devoid of images of black people.

10 Asian-Americans Killing It In Film and Music

We have come a long way from the days of African-American actors playing “nanny” roles and Asian-American actors being cast all too often as to kung-fu masters or Yakuza mobsters. In other ways… not a damn thing has changed!

Roc Nation’s First: Jay Park

Musician, Dancer, Choreographer, Model, CEO of not one but two insanely popular music labels (AOMG [co-CEO Simon Dominic] & H1GHR MUSIC [co-CEO Cha-Cha Malone), and, most recently, the latest (and first Asian-American) addiction to Jay-Z’s music label Roc Nation.

The Assassination of Amadou Diallo

Jimbe Carroll’s photo documentary of the 1999 Amadou Diallo police shooting and its aftermath pulls no punches. From the moment he heard the news and rushed to the scene of the crime in the Bronx, Carroll began living his own very personal version of the story that left New York reeling.

Stencil Graffiti by Tristan Manco

Stencil Graffiti by Tristan Manco is the first major publication to examine the phenomenon of stencil graffiti, tracing its genesis in the Italian fascist propaganda of the 1940s and Basque and Mexican political protests of the 1970s.


In February 1999, four NYPD officers fired 41 shots at an unarmed immigrant in the vestibule of his apartment building in the Bronx.  Amadou Diallo died on the scene – a tragedy that sparked more then a year of daily protests against the police department and mayor Rudy Giuliani.